Online & Onsite Training

For a full list of our courses, you can download our course catalogue here.

Courseware Development

At HiTek Academy, we are in the process of developing courseware for the following client groups:

  • The general public for self-paced training, so you can study, learn, and practice new skills at a time and place that is most convenient to you
  • Classroom-based and Onsite training courses
  • Customised training

Our latest courseware is: “Linux Foundation for Beginners – The Affordable, Professional Training Course” which can be purchased at following the URL below:

Strategic Partnerships

Electrical and Electronics courses in partnership with Plane Knowledge Ltd:
Online Telecoms courses in partnership with Ossidian Technologies:

Our Course Categories Are:

1.     IT Courses

  • Linux Courses
  • Web Servers Courses
  • Web Development Courses
  • Build Own Website Courses
  • Programming Languages Courses
  • Embedded Systems Courses
  • Mobile Development Courses
  • Systems Management Courses

2.     Telecoms Courses

  • Introduction To Telecoms

3.     Electronics Courses

  • Electronics Fundamentals Courses
  • Digital Electronics Courses
  • Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Courses
  • Programmable Logic Controllers Courses
  • Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) Courses

4.     Home Technology Courses

  •  Home Computing & Networking Courses
  • Computer Upgrade/Repair Courses
  • Smart Home Courses